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Hidden Gems of Sherborne School 1

Date: Tuesday 16 August 2016

A visit to historic Sherborne Boys School

Hidden Gems of Sherborne School 1
Hidden Gems of Sherborne School 1
Hidden Gems of Sherborne School 1

Hidden Gems of Sherborne School

Tuesday 16th August 2016

We will gather at the main gate of the School, where Huw Ridgeway will start his tour. We will hear the history of the 17th century Old School Gate and see the 14th Century Library and Chapel, which are both monastic buildings. We will also visit the Old School Room dating from 1607, the Big School Room and the School Courts. A highlight will be a visit to the School Archives Room, dating from the 11th century, where we will hear all about the interesting collection of manuscripts and early printed books. And who knows what else will Huw show us?

Tour will commence at                                                                             14.30

Approximate time visit will end                                                              16.30

Cost   £ 10.  This will include the tour followed by tea or coffee and biscuits at the Hub.

To book, please complete the multi visit form and forward it to Roger Billings at 4 Fairfield Heights, Sherborne DT9 4HH together with a cheque for a non refundable £ 10 before 31st July. If you wish confirmation of your booking, let us know. You will be reminded in the month before the tour and moneys will only be returned in exceptional circumstances.

Numbers are limited to 20 with a waiting list available. Visitors are welcome as well as members and in the event of more applications than available spaces, seats will be allotted on a first come first paid basis. So members may think it wise to book early. It is possible that there will be a second tour on another occasion if the demand warrants this.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact either Michael Morrell on 01935 873535 or E Mail [email protected]   or between 26th February and 25th March Les or Brenda Graney on 01963 371668 or E Mail [email protected].


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