Frome Arrives in Sherborne – the coming of the railway in 1860
by Alec Oxford OBE

Date: Thursday 18 March 2010

Alec Oxford was born in Sherborne and educated at Foster's School. He served as a Fleet Air Arm pilot '43 - '47. Qualifying in youth leadership at Bristol University, he did youth work in Sherborne and south-east London and was deputy director of National Youth Bureau from '71 - 82. Made an MBE in 1982. 

After retiring and returning to Sherborne he did some countrywide consultancy with young unemployed projects and, locally, negotiated the site and funding for, and design of 'Tinneys' ; and a similar initiative for a play area in Bradford Abbas. Played cricket for Dorset and football for Fleet Air Arm. He is a founder member of Sherborne Bradford Abbas Camera Club and strong supporter of The Rendezvous for young people.

Relevant to this talk is that his father was a porter on Sherborne station.

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