1918: The Last Hundred Days, How Some Devon Newspapers Re-ported Events
by Robert Hesketh

Date: Tuesday 10 October 2023

This talk shows how Devon newspapers reported the dramatic events of the Great War’s final phase day by day.

1918, The Last Hundred Days: How Some Devon Newspapers Reported the Final Phases of the First World War Like Armageddon 1914, this talk is based on a close study of  Devon newspapers – mainly the Devon and Exeter Daily Gazette and the Western Times.  Beginning with the massive Allied attack on August 8th, 1918, it shows how the fortunes of war turned against the Central Powers and especially against Germany, which had made impressive gains on the Western Front during the spring with reinforcements released from the Eastern Front in a last desperate gamble to win the war before the mass arrival of American troops.  Through the use of new tactics and the “All Arms Battle” the Allies won an unparalleled series of victories in only a hundred days to force the Armistice of November 11th – but at a terrible cost.  Battle reports and editorials reveal the dramatic unfolding of events in what historians later called the Last Hundred Days.

Robert Hesketh is a writer and photographer who lives in Devon.  To date, he has published over sixty West Country books illustrated with his own photographs, including walks books, guidebooks, local histories and special interest titles. Country Walking, Trail, Countryman, Dartmoor Magazine and Cornwall Life are among the magazines he contributes to.  Robert also presents local history talks/slide shows around Devon.  To see more of his work, please visit   - from where all his books may be ordered.


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