Privacy Policy

In order to comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations we need to have a written document which specifies the measures taken to protect the personal data our members give us.

In the case of the Sherborne Historical Society, the only permanent information which is held on file is that requested with the application for membership, viz. name, address, telephone number and email. Since membership is renewable every year and is sometimes interrupted, this information is kept on permanent file and revised periodically for ex-members.

This information is used for communication with members to advise them of talks, visits, changes of dates and all the details necessary to keep them informed of the activities of the Society. The only persons who have access to it are those members of the Committee who need to communicate with the membership. It is our policy to keep this direct communication to a minimum in order to reduce unnecessary mail and email, while relying on the Society’s website to keep the membership informed.

The Society does not share information with any third party and permission for its use by the Society is requested from each member at the beginning of the Society’s year.

1 May 2018