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On the Parish: Voices of the Sherborne Poor

Date: Thursday 9 January 2020

Talk by Luke Mouland at 2pm on Thursday 9th January 2020 in Digby Memorial Hall, Digby Road, Sherborne

Sherborne Museum Winter Talks Programme, 2019-2020

Luke Mouland
‘On the Parish: Voices of the Sherborne Poor’

"Kill me sooner than take me there," implores Betty Higden in Charles Dickens' novel, Our Mutual Friend (1865); even today, the Victorian workhouse still inspires powerful images of fear and hardship in the contemporary consciousness. But what evidence do we have that conditions in Sherborne’s union workhouse were really so dire? And what do we know of the lives of those who threw themselves on the mercy of the parish? Using detailed accounts held at Sherborne Museum and the Dorset History Centre, local historian Luke Mouland seeks to draw out the personal stories of the town’s poor to further explore this theme.

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